Bambi Manifesto !

Hi and welcome to the Bambi Sessions.

A little while ago I finally bought a little campervan. To be exact I bought a Bedford Bambi, a tiny two and a half berth vehicle, complete with cooker, fridge and running water. It’s a fantastic little van and we have already enjoyed some great festivals in her.

I play ukulele in an increasingly popular ukulele trio called the Mother Ukers and we play a lot of music festivals. I’m not enjoying putting the tent up in the rain as much as I did in my younger years and  the thought of arriving on site and just putting the kettle on had an overwhelming appeal.

I also am a ukulele instructor and teach in the Bournemouth area, if you are interested pop along to the Ukulele Instructor page.

Right, so I have a lovely little van, I’m a musician married to a musician going to music festivals with instruments on board. We live in a modern era where phones have video recording facilities built in and I’m thinking what better thing to do than document our visits to some wonderful places with live music straight from our Bambi.

This website is basically a home for these videos. I’m hoping to invite others to come and join us for a cup of tea and a quick tune and will post up the resulting videos on here as and when.

Thanks for popping by and enjoy the view.


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